Our chosen outdoor brands and shops

Lyon Equipment

Lyon Equipment Training for Working at Height and PPE training and inspection

Petzl when it comes to working at height, caving, mountaineering or climbing Petzl remains our number one go to brand. We’re fortunate to have worked closely with them over the years and find our ourselves testing new products from time to time so its always a good idea to visit our blog to see if we’ve anything new to report.

Beal We love the ropes form Beal, we’ve found their suppleness even over extended periods in wet and muddy conditions outshines many of their competitors. We especially like their Spelenium Gold for lightweight caving.

Haglofs we love this brand for our work clothing and for on the mountain. A well established Swedish brand that proves to be tougher than many time and time again

Sherpa is a brand with its heart truly in the right place with profits being pushed back into its foundation, helping children in Nepal get a better education. While it has technical garments it provides a fine range of clothing for heading to pub after a day on the mountain.

DMM we love a British brand and DMM is iconic in the climbing world, and in this case Welsh. Based out of Llanberis amongst the North Wales slate mines. High quality industrial and climbing/mountaineering kit founded amongst the mountains of Snowdonia

Warmbac, we’ve tried many manufacturers of caving suits over the years and they all get equal abuse, but some just keep on going. That’s the case with Warmbac caving suits. We’ve not found an equal in their ability to endure one of the harshest environments, alongside the abuse our clients give them. We’ve worked closely with them to enable our clients to be fitted from XXXS to XXXXXL in the same quality, colour scheme and well fitting suits. Just unbeatable.

Peli Products, unbreakable storage for cameras, or anything of value, that needs to be protected. No need to say anything more, the product does that just fine.

Palm paddling equipment, another great British brand this time from Somerset, personally I love this kit. When I’m looking for personal technical clothing for on the water or in the Ghyll/Canyon, then this will be what i’m dressed in. Fit and comfort are just superb, alongside technical capabilities.

Peak paddling equipment designed and made in the Peak District. We love this brand, but especially their centre PFD (buoyancy aid) and group clothing, ideal for our informal paddling sessions or even in the Ghyll, scrambling.

Venture Kayaks

Inglesport, if we’re in the Dales, where else are we going to start our day. Inglesport have supported myself and GoCave for many years by supplying us with equipment, local gossip and a friendly face during tougher times. We’ve always known we could rely on them to get products when we need them fast, or something bespoke and tailored to fit for a client. But don’t forget there’s the the cafe upstairs, where we’ve met many a client before their first venture underground. Over a bacon butty and a pint of tea, of course!

Up and Under