Abseiling in the Northern Pennines

Currently we’re updating these pages as we adapt our Risk Assessment and Operating procedures for COVID 19. However we are open for business as of the 1st June for small parties, families and individuals. Please follow the link to our main page and email us with any queries or give us a call.

The beauty of abseiling is, that it’s effectively sliding down a rope while being protected by another rope held by your instructor. The skills needed is minimal but the adventure and trust is high. But with a few minutes instruction you can grown in confidence and make the descent.¬†

Abseiling is suitable for most, but sometimes accessing the sites can involve a bit of scrambling or climbing over a wall. We’ve had as young a 6 years old giving it a go, but we’d advise that young people do require an adventurous character and a bit of bravery for that first lean back over the edge. However with 1:1 coaching they can really get the hang of things quickly.

Previous experience: None
Duration: 1/2 day, but why not combine with a second activity to make a full day of adventure
Min Ratio: 1 instructor to 1
Max Ratio: 1 instructor to 10
Equipment provided: All technical clothing and equipment is supplied
Fitness: Low
Cost: Dependant on size of group AV activity prices