North Wales

From slate caverns that could feature in the Lord of the Rings to Gold Mines, North Wales has it all

The wealth of North Wales, once was found beneith the beauty of the hills today, from rich veins of metaliferous ores to the huge caverns of the slate mines, that meant many local villages could find sustainable employment.

When exploring the Mines of North Wales we have too many to list, and we find ourselves often visting no two same mines in any one year.

From the Lead mines where the miners sought veins of Galena, Lead Ore to the cavernous slate mines, each and everyone is unique in it’s own right and they continue to astound me in their beauty and craftmanship.

If the North of Wales is your chosen area to visit, then talk to us direct and we’ll look into the venues that will work with the area nearest to you. But from Mid Wales, to the south and north of Aberystwyth, right up to North Snowdonia, there will be a venue that we can guide you through, even across to the Shropshire border, we have copper mines once mined by Roman slaves, charged with spending their lives hidden from daylight.