We’ve always believed that to deliver a smaller range of activities exceptionally well is the right way to approach our work in the outdoors.

Working with small groups , in the main, means that we have a level of flexibility that is found rarely amongst the larger providers. We avoid open enrolment days where members of the public can just turn up. We like to be able to have a conversation with all our clients in advance of their activity day. We want to learn a little about yourself our those who are coming.

With schools this may include considering learning outcomes or cross curriculum links that we can incorporate into the session. With families it may be more about previous adventures to ensure that e meet the needs or hopes.

This tailored/bespoke approach has been a winning formula for us now, for many years and its one we fully intend to keep too. There nothing better than to hear the feedback from our clients or to see returning faces year after year. We’ve some clients who have now returned many times over several years, each time looking for the adventure to be a little bit bigger/harder or just different.

We look forward to seeing you below ground or surface bound with us at Adventure Vertical