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At Adventure Vertical we try to be innovative in our provision of outdoor activities. We work with you and your group, family or friends and colleagues on an exclusive basis. We don’t group multiple bookings together. We find each enquiry is unique and deserves to be treated a such. This enables us to allocate the right Trainer or Instructor to the right group.

Based in the Cumbria, we operate across the North of England, Midlands and North Wales. Where our clients have very specific requirements on location, then we have operated out of hotel grounds across the UK and many of the UK’s National Parks to ensure delivery of adventures close to their base.

We offer a range of adventurous outdoor activities for team building, recreation, outdoor education, development and training to a broad portfolio of clients. These include schools, colleges, youth groups, voluntary organisations, individuals, families, adult and corporate groups. However we hold true to our roots, and our core clients will remain families looking to inspire the next generation of explorers. This is why we hold a 3 year license to deliver adventurous activities to those 18 years or under from the Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority.

In addition we offer Technical Advice to centres and outdoor providers, and carry out centre/provider inspections for quality and safety standards. In addition we also offer PPE inspections alongside Ropes course inspections.

If you’re looking for adventures and you want to be inspired, join us surface bound or underground.

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