A world hidden from the surface but full of adventure and challenge for all

Caving is an adventure activity full of challenges and a real opportunity for a feeling of exploration. From simple passageways to great labyrinths. Your journey feels like you’re reaching in to the bowels of the earth on a true adventure.

The experience is incredibly rewarding where magical sights, thousands of years in the making, sculpted rocks and the delicate formations are a joy to behold.

The caver may walk, squeeze, climb, and crawl, plunge and wade while ascending and descending through the wonderful spaces left by the cascading water over thousands of years.

For the beginner there is a unique delight waiting to be discovered. For the experienced caver there is a world of subterranean labyrinths to explore.

Caving in the Yorkshire Dales

Caving in the Peak District

Previous experience: None
Duration: 1/2 day, or a full day but why not combine with a second activity to make a full day of adventure
Min Ratio: 1 instructor to 1
Max Ratio: 1 instructor to 8
Equipment provided: All technical clothing and equipment is supplied
Fitness: Low to moderate
Cost: Dependant on size of groupĀ AV Activity prices