Schools & Colleges

At this time we are unable to wok with schools and colleagues, however we are thinking creatively as to how we may be able to continue our work with educational groups in the future.

We recognise the huge emotional toil that young people are under at this time. Lockdown imposes isolation and seclusion and while many young people may appear outwardly fine and themselves, there can often be behaviours developing under the surface that will not appear until they are next in a social/school environment. 

Withdrawn, exhibiting behaviour that is disruptive, or even bullying are all symptomatic of what the stress of Lockdown could cause.

Our team understand these behaviours, and with many years of working with young people across various streams of education and care, we’re well placed to develop a programme of activity to support individuals, some or all of a class or year group.

It’s some time before the educational setting will return to something akin to normal, certainly it will be a new norm. With smaller class sizes, but yet the same school population. 

Thats why at Adventure Vertical we’re thinking creatively as to how we can best support you, your school and the young people in your care. How we can utilise your grounds and the countryside within walking distance to create a programme of activity to support the curriculum. 

So we’re looking at farmland, woodland, rivers and ponds, sports fields. The environments that are easily accessible to you. Then the next stage is what can we bring to you. 

  • Non contact team activities
  • Low ropes exercises
  • Construction tasks
  • Communication challenges, verbal and non verbal 

What we have in our favour is many years of delivering these type of exercises that help enable young people to break down barriers that may have developed over the last weeks of lockdown. 

We may not be able to hold hands in a group circle, but we can look each other in the eyes and share ideas, provide instruction to peers, and provide words of encouragement.

It all helps at this time, so let us help you get your class, year group or school back in the running again. Lets see the smiles on faces and the friendships begin to rise and flourish once again, and not allow the stress and loneliness dominate.