Mountain Walking

Have you ever wanted to climb the highest mountain in the UK or maybe take on a mountain horseshoe and reach 9 summits in one day?  Whatever it is that you have always wanted to do, you can hire one of our fully qualified and insured mountain leaders or guides to help you achieve it.  We will look after up to 8 in your party on any mountain walk in the UK.  We can help you learn how to map read so you can go on to plan future adventures on your own, confident that you will be equipped to make your own plans.

Whether its the National Three peaks or The Yorkshire Three Peaks or maybe just one of the mountains that the UK has to offer, then we’re there to support. With over 30 years of Mountain walking and climbing experience across the UK and Overseas then why not join us on an adventure that we promise will open your eyes to the countryside around us.

Previous experience: None
Duration: This is a full day out, and dependant on the time of year it could be a long day. But think of the views.
Min Ratio: 1 instructor to 1
Max Ratio: 1 instructor to 8
Equipment provided: All technical clothing and equipment can be supplied
Fitness level: Low to Moderate
Cost: Dependant on size of group AV activity prices