We’re opening for business again.

We’re opening for business again.

Posted on May 14, 2020

As more guidelines become available thus we are beginning to open for business again.

Currently we will still advise that clients should remain local to where they live, but in line with current guidelines we will begin to offer 1:1 sessions over the coming weeks, unless advice changes.

Sessions will be run at a reduced day rate of £125 and still include all PPE and nothing where required.

All equipment will be supplied clean washed in line with manufacturers guidelines and we will ensure adequate supplies of medical grade hand wipes and hand wash solutions/foams.

Where fitting of PPE is required, such as with harnesses and helmets your instructor will wear protective eye wear and a face mask for personal protection and we would advise face coverings/asks to be worn where you have them. We are currently trying to source stock of these, but supplies held by manufacturers should rightly go to those at highest at risk.

Sessions will be run at a level to minimise as much risk as is possible as, this will be no different to normal, but we will not be running some sessions which have a higher level of risk associated with them. We will also avoid any sites or locations that are known to be exceptionally busy and as such such locations and venues may need to change to safeguard you from others. Accidents do happen but we need to respect the pressure that the volunteers of Cave and Mountain Rescue are under and we will abide by the advice that our National Governing Bodies provide.

We will continue to offer vouchers in the mean time and we look forward to welcoming you back over the coming months.

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